Journal #1

Hey everyone!

So, on my last blog (therattiemama) I used to post weekly journals. In my weekly journals I would just give you guys a look at how my past week went.

It turns out, the title “weekly journal” wasn’t the best idea. I posted journals every week for a while, and then it became more of a chore to write about what I did each week.

So…this being the case, I have decided to just do “journals” on this blog. I think that these journals will be better because I won’t be required to post one every week, I will just be able to do them whenever I feel like it. I’m hoping to do at least one of these posts a month, maybe more.

Anyway, here’s Journal #1…

The day before Valentines Day, Cameron and I went on a dinner date. We decided that we would go to dinner the night before because everything is usually too busy on Valentines day. We went to Texas Roadhouse. This was my second time eating there. The food was really good and they were very busy. The service was amazing as well.

For Valentines, Cameron and I didn’t do much. However, he did get me flowers, a small teddy bear, and chocolates. I still have my roses, they have lasted quite a while!

I got Cameron a tiny book. I found it on Amazon. You just fill in the blanks. So, I made him a “what I love about you” book. It seemed like he enjoyed his gift. I think he truly liked it.

A couple days after Valentines, Cameron and I were taking some trash to the dumpster. We took my mom’s car, which I’m not used to.. I was jumping into the car and I ended up hitting the hell out of my head on the car. It hurt for days and I had a bump on my forehead. I didn’t have a concussion though, so I just treated it with ibuprofen. The bump is basically gone at this point and it doesn’t hurt anymore.

My mom came to me a couple weeks ago asking me if I wanted to stop trying to finish school and just try to get my GED. After a week or two of contemplation and reaserch, I have decided that I’m going to go for the GED. I also figured out how to go about getting it. I am totally looking forward to being finished with high school!

These past 4-5 days, I have had a cold. My nose has been so stuffy and I had a sore throat for a couple days. I have been taking medicine and I am feeling much, much better today!

A couple days ago, Cameron and I got another guinea pig. We got her at petco. They were calling her “meatball” but I re-named her to Nala. I named her this because she looks like a little lioness. Nala is the girl lion in the Lion King movies. She has the same colors.

Nala is such a sweetheart. I haven’t introduced her to my current guineas yet… but I can already tell that she is going to be a great addition to our heard!

Today, Cameron and I took Luna to the vet. Last night, we noticed that she was really irritated she had some open wounds on her right shoulder.

The vet said that it’s not too much to worry about. She explained to me that Luna is just itchy (she has dry skin) and she just scratched her skin until she was bleeding. They gave me some lotion to soothe her skin. Now, she is much less irritated and actually able to relax.

I am taking Nala and Peanut to the vet on Thursday afternoon to get nail trims. I also want Nala to have a check up because she is new and I just want to make sure she is healthy!

Thanks guys!


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