Guinea Pigs!

Cleaning your Guinea Pig Cage in 7 Easy Steps!


I think that I have officially mastered the skill of cleaning my guinea pig cage.

I have a C+C cage. I did not make it myself. I actually tried that and it didn’t work the first time. So, being the lazy person I am, instead of trying to make another cage, I ordered one online. I also had to order two cage liners from a separate website. I actually ordered 2 of them so that I would have an extra.

When my cage arrived, I had to build it. The instructions were easy to follow and the cage didn’t take long to build. I am very pleased with my cage.

I used to keep my guinea pigs in a pen with puppy pads and a blanket as the floor. This cage is SO much easier to maintain. I would highly recommend a cage similar to this if you are in the market for a cage!

I figured I would share with you guys how I deep clean my guinea pig cage. I only have to do this one time a week. It is super easy and it does not take long at all!

Supplies needed:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Hand broom and dustpan
  • Small vacuum
  • Natural cleaner spray
  • Clean hand towels
  • Dawn dish soap


  1. Empty cage (liner, toys, houses, blankets…etc)
  2. Wash cage liner
  3. Sweep cage out with broom and dustpan
  4. Shake liner + vacuum bottom of cage
  5. Wipe bottom of cage with an all natural cleaner
  6.  Soak toys, plastic hides, balls, etc. in hot water with soap
  7. Dry toys, etc. + Put everything back

I start by taking the guinea pigs out of their cage and putting them in their sleep sacks. I remove all the houses and toys, then I sweep the cage using my small broom.

I usually wash the cage liner the week before and just alternate the liners, so it’s usually clean already. I like to use All laundry detergent. It is good for the guinea pigs because it has no scents or dyes in it. I also use it because it is one of the only detergents that I could find that would work well for my liners.  I use two cap fulls of the detergent. I also use scoop of baking soda to help with the smell. The washing instructions came on a card with my liners so I just follow those instructions. I got my liners from a website online… which I will link here.

Next, I take the liner and shake it out over the cage. Then, I grab our vacuum and use it to get all of the extra hay, pellets, and poops out of the bottom of the cage before I wipe it down with Green Works. I like to use this cleaner because it is all natural and safe for pets.

I just spray the cleaner all around the bottom of the cage. I let it sit for a minute and then use clean towels to wipe it down.

About every other time I clean the cage, I will clean their plastic houses as well. Sometimes I just use the green works and wipe them off. Other times, (when they are really gross) I will soak them in the bathtub with dawn dish soap, which is also safe for animals. I soak their plastic toys too. I dry everything off and then put everything back into the cage… then I am done!

Before and after pictures:

Thanks guys!


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