Journal #2

Hey guys!

So, I was sick with bronchitis about a month ago. Right after I started feeling better… I got sick again, but this time it was a sinus infection. I am completely better now but honestly it was horrible. It felt like I was never going to get better.

I took Luna to the vet for her skin problem again. She had been scratching so much (and her nails were so long) that her scrapes were bleeding. The soothing lotion that the vet gave me the last time I took Luna in hadn’t really been helping. I also noticed that she had shortness of breath, so I wanted them to check that as well.

The vet wanted to take a chunk of her skin to send into a lab to be tested to get a better idea of what could have been causing the skin problem. The vet also sent a test to see if there was any bacteria in her respiratory system.

Luna’s results came back about a week or so later. We put Luna on this medication that will cure the respiratory problem. As for Luna’s skin, they said it is an allergy. They told us to take the plastic houses out of the cages because it is pretty common for some piggies to be allergic to the plastic. We also started her on the Oxbow skin and coat tablets. She has been doing much better! Her skin is really improving.

This past week, Cameron and I went on a small getaway. We went to Park City. It was really fun, we had a great time!

We are back at home now and I am working on getting back into my daily routine. I have been working on getting my GED as well, so it will be nice to get back into working on that as well, but I think I am going to do a separate blog post on the GED thing, so I will talk more about that at a later point.

The family is going on our annual cabin trip in a couple of weeks. I am super excited! I think we are going to bring the guinea pigs with us. They have come with us to the cabin every time since we got them. Nala has never been on a road trip before, so it will be interesting to see how she does.

We have a lot of prep to do before we leave, but I am going to try to blog a little bit if I’m not too, too busy with everything next week.

Here’s a link to my last journal!

Thanks for reading!


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