Cabin Trip Photos + Upcoming Vacations!

Hey guys!

We had a great time at the cabin.

My cousin brought this really interesting board game. It is called Betrayal at House on the Hill. Its kind of like Clue, but way more in depth. Its a mystery game and there is a bunch of different scenarios. Each game takes at least 45 minutes, but we played one scenario that lasted about 2 hours. We played the game almost every night, sometimes twice a night.

It was really warm the first couple of days, like too warm… but it was actually cooler the rest of the time. We decided not to go swimming at the lake on the first few days. We thought it would be warm the whole time. Like I said, it just got colder so we never actually made it to the lake. We did a lot of napping, playing games, and spending time with everyone instead of spending our days on the boat.

We ended up bringing one of our guinea pigs (Luna) with us because she was on medication for a respiratory infection. Long story short, Luna has a skin problem. She has an allergy to something… we are still trying to figure out what’s causing it. Lunas skin got only got worse while we were there. I forgot to bring her lotion and she started scratching until her whole neck was all shredded up. Thankfully, I had some aloe, so I used that. It didn’t necessarily make it better, but it didn’t make it any worse either. Now that we are back, Luna is doing much better. I have been putting lotion on her everyday.  I think that all the different allergens in the air at the cabin made her itchy. Her neck is completely back to normal, she does have some new scars from all the scratching.

On the last night of our vacation, my mom noticed that one of our family dogs (Frankie) was breathing really heavy. She is very old and has a few heath problems. My mom counted her breaths multiple times. Frankie is supposed to have 30 breaths, but she was up to 80. My mom called Frankies vet. The vet gave suggestions for helping Frankie, but nothing helped.. her breathing was still not right. Long story short, my mom ended up leaving that night at 11:00 to take Frankie to the vet back at home. Frankie stayed at the vet for a few days, but she is back home and doing great at this point.

It was a super relaxing trip, other than the guinea pig skin problems, and my mom having to leave a day early.

Anyway, I have some awesome pictures from the trip to share with you guys.

Thanks guys!


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