Journal #4

Hey guys!

We have been back from vacationing for about two weeks!

We went to the cabin after getting home from our road trip. The cabin was really fun, as always. We invited extra family that doesn’t normally come with us, and it ended up being really fun. Towards the end of the trip, they had to leave. However, it was nice to get a few days with the “normal” cabin crew as well.

I got a rover request a while back about watching a couple of dogs in their home. A couple of days after we got home from the cabin, we ended up watching these dogs for a few days. The owners went to Idaho to see the total eclipse. The dogs were named Clancy and Junie. Junie is a 10-year-old puggle and Clancy is a 2-year-old golden-doodle. Junie is SUPER food motivated and she’s kind of lazy because of her age. Clancy, on the other hand was honestly just too sweet and he was very playful. He loved his walks and his favorite thing was holding hands. I really enjoyed watching these dogs.

Since being back from dog sitting, I have been trying to get everything back in order. It’s hard when you’ve been away for 6 weeks. Cameron and I have been de-cluttering and organizing the basement. The basement is “our space” so we have to keep it clean. It’s taking forever to get everything finished because it’s been so long since we truly cleaned and organized all of our stuff. We still have a few things left to do before we can say it’s all finished.

To help keep us organized, and help spread out our monthly chores (so we aren’t scrambling at the end of the month to get everything done) I made a “monthly chores chart.” I might write a post about it, however I may also just include it in another post.

I got this new planner which has been so helpful. It has been helping with keeping me on track. Plus, it’s cute and fun to decorate. I will have to write a blog post all about it because I could go on for hours about it.

While we were away, my brother, Daniel was taking care of our pets. We have had problems with Luna’s skin ever since I can remember. Daniel didn’t give them any bell pepper with their food for a few days because we ran out. He noticed that Luna’s skin had improved and that she wasn’t itching as much. We have stopped giving Luna bell pepper and it has resolved her skin problem. So basically, we have finally discovered that Luna is allergic to bell peppers.

I had to take Nala and Luna to the vet the other day. Their feet were swollen and red with some scabs. I knew immediately that they both had bumble-foot. It was my fault for slacking on their cage after we got home. The vet told me that it was indeed bumble-foot. She let me know that we caught it very early, so it isn’t too bad, The vet also said that Luna has it worse than Nala. They gave us some medicine to help with the swelling. I have also been putting Gorgeous Guineas F&M Ointment, which I will link here.

So, for those of you who don’t know, my birthday was on July 28th. We were traveling during the time, so it wasn’t much of a birthday. We did a late birthday party at the cabin, which was super fun and it was really nice to receive a few small gifts when I wasn’t expecting any.

My laptop has been running so slow. So, as a late birthday gift, I asked my parents for a new laptop. I wanted something that I could game and do schoolwork on. I found a great computer at a pretty decent price (for what I was looking for) at this local computer shop. I ended up customizing the laptop I had been looking at and getting this awesome gaming computer that has replaced my old laptop, and my desktop computer. I sold my old HP to the same store where I bought the new laptop. I am going to sell my desktop to them as well, I just need to take it in! So far, I am super pleased with my new computer!

Thanks guys!


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