New Planner + Organization/Decorating!

Hey guys!

When we got back from vacation, I really needed help getting my life back on track. I stopped using my bullet journal a long time ago, but it actually helped me with multiple things. I decided that picking up a new journal would be a good way to start getting everything back to normal. Cameron and I went to our local Michaels craft store in search for the perfect planner.

We eventually came across these planners that I had been looking at for a while. However, I never wanted to actually buy one because they are kind of expensive. Buying a notebook and some colored pens from staples to make a bullet journal usually ends up being way cheaper. However, everything for this planner was 40% off for back to school!

I took advantage of the 40% off and ended up buying everything I wanted. Including a planner, a cover, folders, stickers upon stickers, and a few other things. The type of planner I got is called The Happy Planner. It is easy to use and its super fun to decorate! There are a lot of free printables for this planner online, you can also buy weekly layouts on Etsy. You just need to get some sticker paper for your printer!

I am still impressed with this planner, and I have had it for a few weeks now. I seriously urge anyone who is looking for a new planner to look into this one! It has been so helpful, and like I said earlier, it is fun to customize.

As I mentioned before, I picked up a pink cover for my planner. The pink cover is really cute, and it feels like it’s made of a really nice material… but only time will tell. The front of the cover has “hustle” written in bold, golden letters.

I also bought a hole punch. I didn’t get it at Michaels though. I ended up checking amazon (since the family has amazon prime) and found it for around $20 cheaper than it would have been at Michaels… even with the 40% discount. The hole punch is a really nice tool to have if you get one of these planners. If you don’t have the hole punch, you have to continuously  paper that will fit into this planner. On the other hand, if you buy the hole punch you can punch any type of paper you may need. It’s just more convenient. In the end, it just saves time and money.

The folders that I bought are used mainly for extra stickers, but I also use them to keep any smaller papers that I might have.

I also wanted a place where I could keep some extra sticky notes. I made a little notes section using glue, card stock paper, and sticky notes. I just glued the sticky notes on to the 2 pages of card stock that I previously glued together and hole punched. I arranged the sticky notes nicely, and now I have a little “note pad!” I keep the note section towards the beginning of my planner.

The inside of the pink “hustle” cover has a few places to store extra papers and what not. I use the inside of my cover to store my dinosaur eraser, extra paper, extra binder clips/bookmarks, and stickers. The cover of the planner itself is cute too.

The planner came with a few bookmarks. They are magnetic, so both sides stick together when you put the page you are trying to bookmark in between.

The first page of the planner has a place for you to write your name (you could even include a phone number if you want) just in case your Happy Planner ever gets lost!

At the beginning of each month, there is a page dedicated to notes, birthdays, and goals. There is also a spot where you can fill in all the things you’re currently doing/obsessing over that month.

The next page is a monthly layout. I usually only write my MOST important dates in the monthly calendar area.

Finally, we move to the weekly layout. I basically use the weekly pages to make a huge bullet journal of my day. There are three squares for each day. I use the first for writing in my morning tasks, the second one is where I write out my afternoon, and as you can probably guess… I use the last square to write in anything I need to do in the evening.

I also made a monthly chores chart so that me and Cameron can keep our area of the house (the basement) clean. I may dedicate a post to this chart, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to make it its own post or include it in a different post. It might fit well in a plan with me post.

As you can see, I made a few lists to keep in my planner. I have a blog post idea page, along with a Christmas blog post idea page. I have a list of DIY’s that I would like to try sometime. I also made a self-care list that I labeled “Treat yo Self.”

I would ultimately like to use at least 2 things off of the “Treat yo Self” list every Sunday. Sometimes I feel like I don’t pay enough attention to myself, and this page has actually helped me with that. I would suggest a list like this to anyone! It’s really a nice list to have!

Long story short, I am OBSESSED with my planner and I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes planners in general. If you are the crafty type, or if you like scrap-booking then this planner is absolutely going to be up your alley! There are so many ways to customize your planner, it’s not even funny. There is a BUNCH of free printables for this planner online. You just need some sticker paper for your printer! You can also find the printables for sale on Etsy. The printables from Etsy are usually around $3 for a set of them. They are available to you immediately because they are PDF downloads. You also get to “keep” the downloads, meaning you can use them as many times as you want!

Thanks guys!


P.S. Sorry for the delay on blog posts. I had this post written and published. Somehow, it got all screwed up. It reverted back to being a draft and I lost basically the whole post. I got very discouraged when I found out that I had lost the post. I honestly could not for the life of me bring myself to write it all over again. I didn’t want to write the post when I didn’t feel like writing it because my posts tend to be better when I actually WANT to write them. Anyway, I finally got around to re-typing it! Thanks for bearing with me guys!

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